Hi, my name is Ebbe. I'm 18 years old and I'm from Germany.
This is my little website/portfolio for me and my projects.


Since I was a little kid, I was interested in technologie, so it’s no wonder, that I started to get even more interested in a topic out of this area. I started with IT as a hobby when I was 13. I got a Raspberry Pi 4 2GB because I wanted to build a Alexa voice assitant and completly failed at that, but I got hooked. I setup a Homeassistant server and a different voice assistant called Mycroft. That was only the beginning. Quickly after that a self-hosted Minecraft server followed and today I have a nice network with a firewall, a ESXi server and some switches. In the future my homelab will grow more for sure. We will see 😉


I’ve also been interested in lighting since a was a kid. Light, espcially in a show/effect usecase, always fascinated me. In 2022 I began a little deep dive in this topic. Since then it’s my second hobby and also currently a school project that is going to be finished in 2024.
In the one year that I’ve been doing this hobby, I’ve been able to do several gigs.


If you want to contact me for a lighting gig or for something about IT, you can do it here.